10 Reasons Honey is Magical

So, I don’t know if you’re aware, but honey is awesome. Here’s why.

  1. Honey that is sealed properly will never spoil. Sealed honey found in King Tut’s tomb could potentially still be edible despite over 2,000 years. 
  2. Bees have to fly over 55,000 miles to make 1 lb. of honey. 
  3. There is a medical grade honey which is used to sterilize instruments and treat wounds. 
  4. Honey is the only food that includes all the substances necessary to sustain life, including water. 
  5. Bees have been producing honey for at least 150 million years. 
  6. Eating local honey is thought to decrease seasonal allergies, because it contains the pollens in the area and allows the human body to develop antibodies to the pollen over time. 
  7. The first recorded word for honey comes from the Proto-Indo-European language and was melit. However, the Germanic languages started describing the substance by its color using the word for golden brown, huna(n)go. This eventually become the word we know and love today, honey ( or hunny as Pooh Bear Spells it). 
  8. Honey is the only substance produced by insects that humans consume. 
  9. Honey is also known as the nature’s energy booster as it is the greatest source of carbohydrates, glucose and fructose as well as anti-oxidants.
  10. Mead is one of the oldest alcoholic substances on the planet and is made by fermenting a mixture of honey, water, and yeast.

    Don’t be sad, Pooh! Think of all the mean you can make.


10 Things Every Custom Built House Needs (or else what’s the point.)

  1. An awesome theater:This is a given because, come on, if you’re building a house you can afford to have the best possible movie/TV watching experience.
  2. A hidden room: Where does that book case lead? A super sweet reading room!
  3. A spacious bathroom:The more space there is in a bathroom the better.
  4. A washer and dryer in your closet:Why has no one done this to all closets? The convenience is astounding! And your closets are going to be huge anyway so, why not.
  5. A bed for your pet:Because let’s face it, that pet has got to be comfortable.
  6. Some form of swing. Imagine how much fun that’ll be!
  7. A space for everyone to personalize:No matter if you have toddlers or teens or just the two of you, everyone needs a space to call solely their own.
  8. A giant kitchen:There doesn’t need to be a bunch of fancy gadgets, although those are a bonus, but having a light airy kitchen can make everyone want to cook.
  9. A slide:See #6.
  10. A room for the whole family to be together:Families aren’t spending enough time together anymore and having a space in your house that’s designated just for bringing the family together is a great investment, and probably the most important thing on this list.

Beginner’s Guide to Warhammer 40K

Today is nerd day and I am going to kick off this theme day with one of my favorite game universes: Warhammer 40K. A lot of you may not have heard of this universe as it is not a very ‘mainstream’ one; others of you may have heard of it, but been intimidated by its vastness and dept. So, I’m here to help you out with my:

Beginner’s Guide to Warhammer 40K!

The first thing you need to know to begin your foray into the 40K universe is what types of games are based there.  This universe was created with a miniatures game and has expanded to encompass books, graphic novels, pen and paper RPG’s, board games, video games, and card games. This allows the universe to be accessible to many different people and interests.

Next you need to delve into the universe itself. When I first did this I must admit I was overwhelmed by the extent of information out there and how huge the universe was. That’s why I’m going to help you out and give you the short and sweet version. Here’s the run down.

  • The game is set in the 41st millennium.  The human race has spread out over millions of planets and most are part of a ruthless theocracy called the Imperium of man.
  • A return to mysticism after the Age of Strife led to a severe regression in technology and scientific advancement, but the Emperor of Mankind and the Senatorum Imperialis, whom he left the day to day running of the imperium to, is trying to bring the human race back to the light of reason and technology after uniting them.  
  • The imperium is constantly at war with alien races and the forces of chaos who are vying for ultimate control of the galaxy. These forces are primarily: Orks, Tyranids, Chaos Space Marines, dark and light Eldar, Necrons, Chaos Daemons, and the Tau. 

  • There is a parallel dimension made up of psychic energy. In this dimension dwell the Chaos Gods, and is the only means of faster than light travel available to humanity. It is a nightmarish dimension of terror and insanity, and is how psykers get their power, and why they are so prone to madness. There are four Gods that dwell in the Warp, as this dimension is known. They are: Khorne, the God of war and battle; Tzeentch, the God of change and sorcery; Slaanesh, the God of pleasure and sensation, and Nurgle, the God of death and decay.
  • The main fighting body of the imperium is the Imperial Guard, but there is a highly elite force called the Space Marines. They are genetically modified soldiers that are created to be faster, stronger, and more skilled than normal soldiers. They don’t get sick with human diseases, and they can sustain wounds that would kill a normal human many times over.  
  • They are created by a strict regimen of genetic modifications, psycho-conditioning, and rigorous training. They are also given a suit of power armor that gives them even more strength and stamina as well as some of the most powerful weapons in the galaxy. Each space marine is born into a different chapter, and that chapter decides what types of challenges they face and skills they acquire.

So there you have it, a super simple run down of WarHammer 40K.

Wild card day

What am I going to write about today?! It’s wildcard day! I could write about anything: science, history, or even philosophy… I think I’ll write about my favorite town, Chicago.


Just look at that beautiful skyline.

The skyline is just one reason of many why I love the city. Here are a couple more:

  • The food is amazing and diverse. At any given time I am within walking distance or delivery distance of every type of cuisine imaginable. There are restaurants that you need to book a table a year in advance, next to restaurants that you can just walk in and sit down. Some restaurants have been in Chicago ages and some just started, and there are always new places to try. My favorite is Café Ba-Ba-Reeba! which is a Lettuce Entertain You restaurant. True Chicagoans know that although LEY is technically a chain company owning many restaurants in the Chicago area, every single one of them is superb. Café Ba-Ba-Reeba! is a tapas place in Lincoln park and has been heralded as some of the best small plates in the city. It is always crowded but the atmosphere is fun and welcoming.
  • On a similar note as above, there is always something to do. There are so many bars, restaurants, clubs, music halls, theaters, festivals, and attractions to see that no Chicagoan is bored when they want to go out. However, the mark of a true Chicagoan is having a spot that you can always go and have a good time. The best time of year is festival season where you can try new food, new cultures, and new experiences all over Chicago-land. To see all the festivals that happened last year check out
  • The lake is spectacular. It is large enough to sail on and safe enough to swim in, but its right at the edge of the city. It’s like owning a vacation spot without having to spend hours traveling. The lakefront has great beaches up and down the coast as well as theaters and parks and a giant walkway that winds along the coast. I am an avid sailor and love getting out on the water with my family. We also participate in quite a few regattas throughout the summer and love to meet other sailors and enthusiasts.
  • Chicago has tons of museums and art galleries scattered throughout the city. If you wanted to visit a new museum or gallery everyday it would probably take you a good portion of the year to accomplish it. My favorite museum is the science and industry because I’m like a child that needs to touch everything. However, if someone asks me for a recommendation I try and figure out what I think they would enjoy and send them in the right direction.

So, come visit Chicago! It’s pretty great.

My Favorite Ads so Far

NEW THEME! So, while I was agonizing over this blog on Monday, I came to a decision. I want to keep this blog as positive as possible. I realized that it is a lot easier to rip on companies and ad campaigns and other reviews than actually think about what you are doing and what goes on behind the scenes of whatever you’re destroying.  So to kick the positivity off here is a list of my 5 favorite ad campaigns and why I liked them (in no particular order)

  1. The first campaign comes from the agency AMV BBDO and is a print ad. The copy reads, “Feeding your cat’s instincts.” I love this campaign because it is such a simple concept and image but it sells the product incredibly well. You’ll notice from this list that I tend to gravitate towards simple and clean ads. That isn’t to say that simple and clean is always the best option, but I think that it works best most of the time.
  2. Next is a print ad from Publicis, Singapore. The copy reads, “Liking isn’t helping.”  This ad campaign is another very simple idea with a powerful message. It causes the consumer to rethink their social media use and how it affects the greater world. I included it because it shows that advertising can do more than just sell things. It can make people reevaluate their actions. This power should not be used lightly.
  3. This next advertisement is a series of ads on a billboard and is ambient. It was brought to us by  Y&R Not Just Film. This campaign is humorous and eye catching. It is also, again, a simple idea. Put something unappealing on a billboard so that someone buys the space.  Y&R Not Just Film ran a few campaigns with similar themes but this one was by far the most successful.
  4. This ad is produced by Jung von Matt for a horror/mystery/thriller channel. Another simple idea that speaks volumes. I like this ad because it legitimately scares me, but I don’t really know why. I know it is horror movie trope, but the simplicity of the images makes me question everything about them and create my own scenarios. These ads work, in my opinion, because they subtly engage the viewer and pique their interest.
  5. Ogilvy Group UK  brings us the last item on our list. This campaign’s goal was to get people to look up more as well as promote British Airways. The really spectacular thing about this billboard was that the little boy stood up and pointed whenever a BA plane flew over it. Not only is this simple idea incredibly cute and memorable, it also shows an innovative new way technological advancements can be used in conjunction with traditional media.

I wish I could add even more campaigns to this list because there are so many great ones, but I need to save some for a later post. As an aspiring advertising professional I try to look at all advertising critically, but I think that figuring out what draws me in as a consumer is an important part of learning about the industry and gives me a unique understanding of how the advertising world works.

In the beginning….

Hi there!

I hope you’re well…

This is a lot harder than I was expecting. Staring at a blank page with nothing to say… hmmmm….. Well my extensive research of my own personal preferences tells me that list posts=best posts. So, here is a list of 10 things about firsts.

10. The word first comes from Old English word fyrst and can also mean space of time.
9. The first wristwatch was made by Patek Philippe for Countess Koscowicz of Hungary and although it could be used to tell time and such, it was mainly just a fancy bracelet.
8. The first words ever spoken over the phone were “Mr. Watson–come here–I want to see you.”
7. The current head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis, is a whole bundle of firsts. He is the first non-European pope; he is the first Jesuit pope; and he is the first pope to take the name Francis.
6. Not only was Oberlin College the first college in the US to grant women degrees, but they were also the first to establish a co-ed education.
5. Chicago boasted the very first skyscraper with the Home Insurance Building, a 10 story building built in 1884-1885 and demolished in 1931.
4. The first ever Nobel prizes were awarded in 1901 five years after the death of Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, who didn’t want his only legacy in the world to be his destructive invention.
3. One of the most hotly disputed firsts is who reached the geographic north pole first. Robert Peary claimed to have reached the geographic North Pole in April 1909, while Frederick Cook claimed to have reached it in April of 1908. Although both claims were investigated both at the time and since then, neither can be proven.
2. was the first ever search engine. And it looked like this….

1. shoot…. I ran out of steam. 9 it is.

So I hope you enjoyed this list of 9 interesting firsts I could think of off the top of my head. They are in no particular order and I know I said un-researched but I did look up some of the dates just to make sure I didn’t make even more of a fool of myself by being wrong.