Comic Book Idea Fleshed Out

The car crash that took my legs wasn’t really anyone’s fault. It was winter and the roads were slick. We hit a patch of black ice and swerved into the other lane. All I remember are bright lights and a screech.  Then I woke up in the hospital. I didn’t notice I couldn’t move my legs until the doctors asked me if I could. I was bruised and banged up but somehow it didn’t register that there was pain everywhere but my legs. Some people may have been in my position and been disheartened, and don’t get me wrong I totally was for a little bit, but I couldn’t mope. That just wasn’t me. When I realized that I hated the person I was turning into, I turned to the one thing that had always helped me get through hard times, engineering. I did research and tests and built computer models and physical models. And finally, I had a pair of hydraulic legs. I had to ask a friend of mine for help developing the neural interface, but the rest of the work was my own. And in the end, I could interact with the world in a way that someone with paralysis had never done before.

I knew I had to help others like me, so I started trying to find someone to produce my technology and share it with others who needed it. That’s when Ms. Forseon approached me. She was a striking lady, and I’d never met someone like her. She was smart, funny, charming, and just happened to run a multi-billion dollar tech company. She wanted to make my leg technology available to other paralysis victims, and maybe even develop other limbs and enhancement. She painted a beautiful picture of a world where no one had to feel left out or disheartened by paralysis. I was so naïve…

So, I handed over my designs. The first thing she did was patent all of them, and that’s when I started getting suspicious. Then, some villain who called herself Eon Force showed up wearing a modified version of my design! I went to the police, my parents, my teachers, but nobody believed me! They all said that I was too young to concern myself with such things, and that I should go play with my dolls or something. As more and more villains showed up wearing bits and pieces of my technology, I finally had to take matters into my own hands. I engineered a full suit based on my original legs, and set out to stop evil on my own.

Some concept art:

Eon Force Ms. Forseon, normal












super hero

If you want to make your own super hero, here are the creators I used: Eon Force/ Ms.Forseon and Cybergirl


Brainstorming Kid’s Book Ideas

Idea 1:

A young girl creates worlds with her mind, but eventually she gets picked on so much she grows out of it. She goes through life trying to fit in until she meets an extraordinary child who shows her the magic inside her again.

Idea 2:

A children’s story told by parents in the Warhammer 40K universe about the Emperor of Man.  The story is meant to teach kids about their ruler and indoctrinate them into the religion. The book tells of the savior of mankind and his wonderful deeds while glossing over the bad parts.

Idea 3:

The story of two changeling children in the Dresden Files universe. They realize together that they are different and special and become fast friends. However, as they grow they discover that one is Summer Fae and one is Winter Fae. They struggle against their ‘destinies’ and in the end discover that friendship can overcome many odds.

Idea 4:

I comic book about a young girl who loses the use of her legs as a child but learns about technology and engineering to create a new set of legs. She is pressured by a big corporation to sell her designs to them, but finds out that they are trying to create super soldiers with her proposed technology. She ends up having to don a mask in order to take down the corporation and save the world from their evil plan.

If any of you out there are artists and feel inspired contact me please. Or if you want to steal my ideas I guess that’s okay too. I don’t really care who writes them but I think we definitely need more nerdy children’s books.