Comic Book Idea Fleshed Out

The car crash that took my legs wasn’t really anyone’s fault. It was winter and the roads were slick. We hit a patch of black ice and swerved into the other lane. All I remember are bright lights and a screech.  Then I woke up in the hospital. I didn’t notice I couldn’t move my legs until the doctors asked me if I could. I was bruised and banged up but somehow it didn’t register that there was pain everywhere but my legs. Some people may have been in my position and been disheartened, and don’t get me wrong I totally was for a little bit, but I couldn’t mope. That just wasn’t me. When I realized that I hated the person I was turning into, I turned to the one thing that had always helped me get through hard times, engineering. I did research and tests and built computer models and physical models. And finally, I had a pair of hydraulic legs. I had to ask a friend of mine for help developing the neural interface, but the rest of the work was my own. And in the end, I could interact with the world in a way that someone with paralysis had never done before.

I knew I had to help others like me, so I started trying to find someone to produce my technology and share it with others who needed it. That’s when Ms. Forseon approached me. She was a striking lady, and I’d never met someone like her. She was smart, funny, charming, and just happened to run a multi-billion dollar tech company. She wanted to make my leg technology available to other paralysis victims, and maybe even develop other limbs and enhancement. She painted a beautiful picture of a world where no one had to feel left out or disheartened by paralysis. I was so naïve…

So, I handed over my designs. The first thing she did was patent all of them, and that’s when I started getting suspicious. Then, some villain who called herself Eon Force showed up wearing a modified version of my design! I went to the police, my parents, my teachers, but nobody believed me! They all said that I was too young to concern myself with such things, and that I should go play with my dolls or something. As more and more villains showed up wearing bits and pieces of my technology, I finally had to take matters into my own hands. I engineered a full suit based on my original legs, and set out to stop evil on my own.

Some concept art:

Eon Force Ms. Forseon, normal












super hero

If you want to make your own super hero, here are the creators I used: Eon Force/ Ms.Forseon and Cybergirl


The Day My Whole Life Changed Part 5

logoPart 1, 2, 3, 4

Chapter 2

‘The detainee has escaped’

‘Which one?’ I glance at my desk and see the file pop up. This insurgent is one of our more mysterious ones.


I quickly glance at the Sigma. I know the AIG doesn’t approve of such foul language, but sometimes it’s necessary. And I have to hand it to the instigators; they have a knack for coming up with curse words.

‘Is this photo from the most recent incarceration?’


That made 7 photos in all. 7 different faces all associated with this one name, George. Was this most recent photo the true face? There is no way to be sure. A true face might not even exist. I can feel the nearly daily headache starting. I swipe through the file to see what information we have, mostly just victims, like all the others.

I turn to the Sigma, ‘how?’

Instantly the video feed flashes on my desk. I see the instigator creep out of the cell, and somehow all the way to the exit shaft that was used last time. Then the view switches to an aerial view of the syntho-grid. The movement in the tall grasses shows someone running north away from the facility.

‘And you swept the area and found nothing?’


I clear the image from my desk and sigh. I glance at the Sigma.


‘The instigator identified as GEORGE was captured and detained at our facility in poor condition. The server deduced that the probability of GEORGE dying was dangerously high. So, GEORGE was mildly healed until the probability of death fell to a normal level. Then we transferred GEORGE to another room that was illusioned to look identical to the first. This room had fewer security measures, and thus less interference in the Sigma’s reading. The Sigma went in, and stayed there for an hour. It is in that time that the instigator escaped.’


‘It would seem that there was a glitch in the server. It received an all is as it should be pingback for the full hour. By the time the system rebooted and noticed the error the instigator was gone.’

‘What is the probability of such an error occurring?’

‘1 in 13,422.’

‘So not impossible. This George obviously has tactical skills. What happened next?’

“The instigator GEORGE made it to the outside access shaft and climbed through. Then upon reaching the syntho-grid, there was another glitch that allowed a clear path to freedom and GEORGE took it.’

‘And what is the probability of both of those glitches happening to aid in George’s escape?’

The sigma takes a second to calculate. It must be a very small probability.

‘1 in 1,000,772,585,200,006.’

‘So either our instigator is supremely lucky, or….’

I trail off. What else could it possibly be? To my knowledge there is no technology that could allow a human to pull of these types of feats. I head throbs as I pull up a blank document on my desk and start writing down my thoughts.

‘Thank you, Sigma. That will be all for today. Please go and report to your next designated authority.’

How are they doing this? This isn’t the first insurgent we’ve had with this kind of ‘luck’, but I have never seen anything on this scale. What is going on?!

The Day My Whole Life Changed pt. 4

logoPart 1, Part 2, Part 3

The first thing I notice when I creep out of that god-forsaken shaft and into the empty field is the complete sensory desolation. The advertising companies had long ago started patenting the smells and sounds of their products. This was not good. Last time I escaped this facility, I had emerged in a bustling town. They must have leveled it.


I feel the tears welling up again. The lump in my throat grows and grows.

No! I will not let my brief reprise weaken me like this.

I close my eyes and focus on my breathing. They are better prepared this time, but still not unbeatable. I count backwards from 100 and focus on what I am feeling. The pain in my legs is still very high and I use it to focus my mind. When I have calmed down enough that I know I will not be overtaken with panic, I open my eyes. This is just another security measure I need to overcome. After they leveled the town, they placed a syntho-grid. This particular one was meant to simulate tall grasses that could conceal a person from guards, but I wasn’t fooled. The second I set foot on this grid an alarm would go off.

I take a deep breath and touch the edge of the grid. I need to figure out if it is a pressure trigger or a biological one. As soon as I touch the edge I can see the code that makes up the whole thing. It is a biological trigger set to recognize human. I release the power that built up inside me in order to reveal the code. My vision blurs again and I rest my head against the inside of the tunnel until it clears. It takes longer for me to recover this time. I won’t be able to use my powers very much more. I consider resting here to regain my strength and recharge my powers, but I quickly dismiss the idea. I need to be far away when the mainframe reboots and figures out I’m missing.

Biological sensors are easier to beat than pressure ones, but they’re still no picnic. I hunt around for something useful. The clothes I’m wearing have no doubt been embedded with my DNA so I can’t just wrap my feet up and walk. I glance around until I see a slight dip indicating another opening like the one I am currently looking out of, another grate. It’s too far away to be any use. My only choice is to use up the last of my powers and hope I don’t run into any more trouble today.

I touch the edge of the grid again. The code flashes before my eyes and I examine it to see the ebbs and flows of the sensors. I carefully nudge them to allow a perfectly straight path from me to the edge, but I will have to be fast. I star running in the direction I know will now be trigger free.

As soon as my hand releases the edge of the grid I feel myself falling. My head is spinning and my vision is darkening. I collapse on the grass. I know I have only a matter of seconds to get up and run, but I’m so tired. I try and push myself up, but it’s no use. Using my power drained me too much.

No! Stop pitying yourself, George. You are better than this. You can do this.

I can do this. I prop myself up on a shaky hands.

Just one foot in front of the other, easy.

I plant my feet and push until I’m standing. My legs are screaming in protest, but I have to ignore them. I stare at the edge of the grid and I run, slowly at first but then picking up speed. I feel my old training kicking in and run faster than I have in years. I don’t have the time or energy to check if I missed my window of opportunity. I just keep running.

Part 5

The Day My Whole Life Changed

logoPart 1

Part 2

Part 3:

The metal is cold against my back. My eyes fly open and I see that they have moved me. Oh, they tried very hard to convince me I am in the same room, but I can see the edges of the illusion. They must not know that we were train to see through these parlor tricks. They cleaned me up and gave me new clothes. I was either out for longer than I thought or they did in fact heal me a little because the pain went from a 9 to a 7. Big mistake. They reduced my pain enough to no longer incapacitate me and in fact narrow my focus. I need to escape. I hope that my initial weakness seems like a ploy to them, no need for them to know that I had gone soft. They boosted the gravity in this room so I can only move a little and very slowly. Perfect. I let myself smirk and hope that they are watching. Then, I wait.

Being alone with my thoughts is not a new experience for me. Part of our training was being locked up in a cell much like this one for months at a time to learn how to control our emotions and not go insane like most people would. I don’t have to wait long. I hear the door open and the man with the too pretty eyes walk in. He must be a Sigma because the gravity doesn’t seem to affect him at all. He stares at me. I roll my eyes.

“Just tell me what you want, or at least stream some TV or something in here.”

No response, definitely Sigma.

“I’m assuming you know who I am, so why don’t you tell me about you. Who do you work for?”


“Why did you bring me here? What do you want with me?”


He moves a little closer to me and stares into my eyes. Now that I know he’s a Sigma I can see him monitoring my brainwave activity and trying to read me.

“That’s not going to work. Even earlier in my weakened state it didn’t work. That reading was beat out of me a long time ago.”

I slowly sit up so that I’m almost eye level with him.  Its slow going because of the increased gravity, but it will be worth it. I keep talking.

“You have lovely eyes, I don’t think I mentioned. Did you get them custom made? I’ve never seen another with them.”

Finally I’m face to face with him.

“Do you know why I ended up here?”

I look him straight in the eyes and focus.

“I’m dangerous.”

I see the shift in his gaze. I get the rush of feeling when I realize, I’ve still got it. I slowly bring my arm up above his head. And I let it drop. The increased gravity adds force to my arm and I hear a soft pop when it hits his head. Sigma’s are intricate, wonderfully complex machines that have many small movable parts, and a hit in the right place can incapacitate them just like a human being. I close my eyes again and feel the familiar rush of power that comes from the laser like focus of pain. I can feel the sensors in the room monitoring life signs. They never learn. I slowly get up from the table and feel the sensors try and report the change to the command module. Instead, I send a message of normalcy. The module will not realize I am gone until I am well outside their reach. I casually walk towards the door that I know the Sigma used. I open the door without opening my eyes and step through. There I pause, walking on my injured legs and feet has increased my pain and I can feel the focus slipping. I need to regain control if I want to get out of here. I take some deep breathes and focus again. I close the door behind me and send a signal to the module that the Sigma has left and will report in shortly. I open my eyes.

I am standing in a stark corridor that has doors along both sides. Typical AIG prison. They change the layout of each one to prevent escapes, but now that I am outside the room I can tell that I have been in this one before. The route has been saved in my mind ever since then. I turn left and walk briskly down the hall. The pain is increasing and I can feel my focus slip. I walk faster. Left, right, straight, right, right. I reach the grate that will set me free. It is secured more firmly that last time.

Crap on a stick.

I lean against the wall and breathe.


It’s been awhile since I’ve had to use my upgrade and I already feel drained, but I know I have this one last thing in me. I feel the bond between the grate and the wall. It’s a simple molecular bond and a little zap of electricity releases it. I catch the grate before it hits the floor and triggers the alarms and everything goes a little sideways. I lean against the wall for support and wait for my vision to clear.

When this is over, I’m going to start working gout again. For real this time.

When I feel steady enough to move I crawl into the air shaft and make my way upward to the surface. I know exactly where this shaft leads, and it’s not going to be pretty…

Part 4

Beginner’s Guide to Warhammer 40K

Today is nerd day and I am going to kick off this theme day with one of my favorite game universes: Warhammer 40K. A lot of you may not have heard of this universe as it is not a very ‘mainstream’ one; others of you may have heard of it, but been intimidated by its vastness and dept. So, I’m here to help you out with my:

Beginner’s Guide to Warhammer 40K!

The first thing you need to know to begin your foray into the 40K universe is what types of games are based there.  This universe was created with a miniatures game and has expanded to encompass books, graphic novels, pen and paper RPG’s, board games, video games, and card games. This allows the universe to be accessible to many different people and interests.

Next you need to delve into the universe itself. When I first did this I must admit I was overwhelmed by the extent of information out there and how huge the universe was. That’s why I’m going to help you out and give you the short and sweet version. Here’s the run down.

  • The game is set in the 41st millennium.  The human race has spread out over millions of planets and most are part of a ruthless theocracy called the Imperium of man.
  • A return to mysticism after the Age of Strife led to a severe regression in technology and scientific advancement, but the Emperor of Mankind and the Senatorum Imperialis, whom he left the day to day running of the imperium to, is trying to bring the human race back to the light of reason and technology after uniting them.  
  • The imperium is constantly at war with alien races and the forces of chaos who are vying for ultimate control of the galaxy. These forces are primarily: Orks, Tyranids, Chaos Space Marines, dark and light Eldar, Necrons, Chaos Daemons, and the Tau. 

  • There is a parallel dimension made up of psychic energy. In this dimension dwell the Chaos Gods, and is the only means of faster than light travel available to humanity. It is a nightmarish dimension of terror and insanity, and is how psykers get their power, and why they are so prone to madness. There are four Gods that dwell in the Warp, as this dimension is known. They are: Khorne, the God of war and battle; Tzeentch, the God of change and sorcery; Slaanesh, the God of pleasure and sensation, and Nurgle, the God of death and decay.
  • The main fighting body of the imperium is the Imperial Guard, but there is a highly elite force called the Space Marines. They are genetically modified soldiers that are created to be faster, stronger, and more skilled than normal soldiers. They don’t get sick with human diseases, and they can sustain wounds that would kill a normal human many times over.  
  • They are created by a strict regimen of genetic modifications, psycho-conditioning, and rigorous training. They are also given a suit of power armor that gives them even more strength and stamina as well as some of the most powerful weapons in the galaxy. Each space marine is born into a different chapter, and that chapter decides what types of challenges they face and skills they acquire.

So there you have it, a super simple run down of WarHammer 40K.