Part 2

The Day my Whole Life Changed

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Part 2:

Get it together, I think. This isn’t a situation I haven’t been in before. The AIG has been hunting me for years. You let yourself become complacent, George. Being happy for too long made you weak.

I close my eyes and take a deep, measured breath. I feel my heart rate slow.  After a minute or so of controlled breathing, I feel the panic subside. I open my eyes and scan the room looking for something to aid in my escape.  The once familiar clarity of thought is returning, and I know that I can get out of here.

They know I’m out of shape; they’re counting on it.

I continue to scan the room for anything useful. Apparently, they weren’t going to rely solely on my brief retirement to keep me here, because the room is empty. If I look closely I can see the faint lines left by a mopper on the floor. I look up, hoping they forgot about the ceiling and see… nothing. It is completely smooth except for one panel right above me that glows a soft yellow providing light for the room.


I test the zip-tie, but the throbbing in my arm prevents me from getting far.

Double crap.

I guess my only option now is to wait and hope that someone brings in something useful or I can talk my way out of this. They have to feed me eventually, right?

Wrong. About an hour later I hear a metallic click and a panel opens in the ceiling.  Gas starts to fill the room. My first instinct is to take a deep breath of fresh air, but then the sweet lilac smell of the gas hits my nose and I realize, it’s nutri-gas.

Triple crap.

I inhale the gas and feel my hunger and thirst vanish.

“You could’ve at least mixed in some healogen,” I shout.

But of course they don’t want to heal me, at least not quickly. I keep breathing deeply, allowing the gas to nourish my body. I feel my thoughts starting to drift.

I am so lucky to live in such an amazing time. I mean, look how far our medicine and technology have come. Like, woah.

My eyelids droop as if weighted and I am calm.

This is actually a really nice chair, a really comfortable chair.

So calm, and tired.

I should just sleep in this nice, comfortable chair. WAIT! NO! THe gas….

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